Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Data is the oil of this century; everyone is exploring new ways of viewing and interacting with data and data visualization sounds much fancier and much more expensive than it actually is.  We can enhance your organization by implementing solutions that equip the right individuals with data in a format that is easily consumable and useful to them.

We can deliver very cost effective solutions that are tailed for your data and specific requirements by leveraging several open source platform. Our developers can customize these platforms to your specific requirements and fill the gaps when needed.

These solutions have several clear benefits over the legacy style of reporting:

  • Massive Scale

Say good bye to custom reports through SSRS or Crystal Reports, these don’t scale in real time to the needs of the modern information worker.

  • Dynamic

Dynamic reporting allows users to easily create visualizations; assemble them into dashboards and easily explore the data.

  • Open Source

Who wants to pay for software when the open source alternative is as good or better! Reduce your costs and implement an open source solution.